Yealink VC500

VC500 Video Conferencing Endpoint Ultimate simplicity, perfect for small and medium rooms

It comes with two Packages to Enhance Diversity, which are wire- and wireless- Micpod. The wireless micpod utilizes Yealink's DECT technology, featuring two wireless microphones to optimize mobility within the meeting room by providing a stable voice transmission.

Interaction and Collaboration Enhance the Conference Experience Comprehensively

• Multiple participants can annotate content sharing at the same time, assisting high-efficient video conference. • Multi-party interaction on electronic whiteboard, real-time synchronization of each party's writing track, and a variety of handwriting options all help to bring a better collaborative experience. • Supports local multi-screen interaction. Pairing with WPP20, users can easily realize reverse control of computer via touchable TV or CTP20.

Is Yealink VC500 right for your business?