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We use the power of technology to help you achieve great things in the digital age. We deliver your business requires, at every stage of your technology journey.

Our Mission

With our experienced specialists, combining with state-of-the-art technology, we are able to provide best-in-class video conferencing solution for your corporate needs.

Our Team

Pongsak Wonglertkunakorn , Ph.D.

• Ph.D. in Management • Master of Science in Computer Engineering • Bachelor of Computer Engineering “I see infinite potential in our clients, our people, and our heroes.”

Bancha Wonglertkunakorn , Ph.D.

Digital Transformation
• Doctor of Business Administration in Marketing • Master of Business Administration in Marketing • Master of Electrical Engineering in Telecommunication • Bachelor of Electrical Engineering in Telecommunication “I can help you translate your business needs into technology strategies and architecture plans.”

Kanittha Bangpoophamorn , Ph.D.

Research & Development
• Doctor of Philosophy in Technical Education Technology. • Master of Information Communication Technology (Enterprise Networking) • Bachelor of Science in Computer “We normally start with the Customer Experience and work back toward the technology.”
At Four Alliance, we hire not only people with the best skills, but people we want on our team for the long haul. Our employees and company are growing together.

Connecting with the right conferencing solution help accelerating your communication capability, ensuring business continuity, adapting quickly to changes, and maintaining security.

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